Hi Pot Test Procedures for Cable Jointers

Hi, I’m Ken Rousseau a Cable jointer for MES Power. Today I’m gonna take you behind the scenes to do a live test with an 800 PL series portable DC hipot testers. Here at MES Power we always stress the importance of safety so be sure to check with your own company’s safety guidelines for personal protective equipment.

This unit is our 880 PL DC hipot tester. It’s capable of putting out 80 kV at ten mA. Other models in the 800 series follow similar testing procedure, but today I’m gonna talk about testing on a 15 kV rated URD cable. While the power is off, connect your AC power supply to the unit, and your 120V/60Hz power strip. Also, connect your high-voltage, return, and ground leads.

Then connect the other ends of your leads back to the unit. Also be sure your interlock plug is connected. Now it’s time to make sure that all nonessential personel are out of the testing area so you can begin your test. set your current range to max and set your voltage range to the desired setting. My cable is only rated to 15kV, so I’m going to use the lowest 0 to 20 kV setting.  Make sure your voltage control is lowered all the way to zero.  Turn on the AC power switch and this beacon will light up to indicate that there is power to the unit.

From a safe position, turn on your high voltage.

This beacon will light red indicating that you are ready to start your test. Slowly raise your voltage to your desired setting for me that’s gonna be about 13 kV You can hold you voltage for as long as your test specifies. Now that the voltage is on my device under test I’m gonna check the leakage current on the current meter. Right now the current meter range is set from 0 to 10ma.  Luckily it’s nowhere close to 1 milliamp  so I’m going to adjust the current range to go into microamps. Now we’ve got about four micro amps of leakage current so, I’m going to readjust the current range to the 0-10 milli amp range My test has run long enough. Next, I’m going to go ahead and slowly lower my voltage back down. I’m going to turn my high voltage off, and my AC power off.

It’s important to make sure that you unit is properly grounded, so I’m going to use a grounding stick.

Now you are ready to disconnect your specimen. and pack up the 880  for another test to recap set up your testing area connect the AC power to the unit connect your high-voltage return and ground leads be sure that the interlock plug is in place. Set the desired range on the Set the desired range on the current meter and the voltage meter. Check to make sure the current meter dial is at 10 mA and the raise voltage control is at 0 power on the unit using the AC power switch engage the high voltage by pressing the HV on button. Perform the test. raise the voltage control to the desired level for the desired time observe leakage current adjusting the current meter to a more accurate range as needed complete the test reset the current meter dial to ten mA lower the voltage back down to zero. Turn the high voltage off and the AC power off. For safety use a grounding stick to ground the specimen under test. for more information on the 880 PL or for our other hv maintenance services be sure to check out our web site where you can also view other demo videos as well as get datasheets for any of our units. Thanks for reading!

The Importance of a Good Laptop Stand

Home computer desks have come a long way in the past few years. People used to hurt themselves because desks were made improperly, and those using the computer for long periods of time  like IT support engineers, for example, often had bad posture and ended up with muscle injuries and spasms because of it. Now that these have gotten better, most workers who use a desktop computer are actually okay. That was until the laptop got more popular, and now the same things are happening all over again. If you have this type of portable computer, you have to buy a proper laptop stand if you want to avoid injury.

I hurt my own neck due to lack of laptop stand. This was not something that happened all at once, but built up over a few months. I woke up one morning and could not move without screaming in agony. We realized what it was while I got treatment for it, and now my new setup works great. If you are using a notebook computer without the benefit of a proper laptop stand, you may wake up like I did, and you may not know why it happened.

When you buy a laptop stand, you want something that is sturdy, of course, so that you can protect your investment, but you also need something that moves for you. You have to have one that can be adjusted so that your hands and elbows are not at an awkward position while typing, and one that allows you to hold your head in a natural position while typing or surfing the Internet. You should also be able to sit straight and have your knees resting at a comfortable angle. All of those things will help take the stress off of your body.

When you are setting up your new laptop stand, there are a few things you can do to be sure you have it set properly. Get into the chair you may be using, and slide your laptop stand up where you want it to be. Make sure you are sitting up straight with your head, arms, and hands at a good angle, and the move your monitor so it is easy to view. One thing about a laptop monitor is that it only looks right at certain angles. If you have it so you can see it while you are sitting in the proper position, you are going to keep that position while you use your computer. When you begin to slouch you are going to know it because you will reach out to adjust your computer. Instead, adjust your body.

Simple Ways To Improve Your Small Business

It is a completely wrong concept to think that only big businesses need improvement. In fact, it really makes no difference regardless of whether you own a small business or a big successful business. Every type of company requires improvement and development. By making some changes in your company, it will open doors for business growth and success. The key aspect is to focus on the areas in your small company in which you are struggling. This article will present you with some tips necessary to improve your small business. The information has been provided by BusinessPort – a company specializing in business consultancy and Sharepoint development based in London.

Having the feeling that you are always in a competition is beneficial to help you keep moving with your small business. If you will simply grant yourself to spend some time relaxing, someone else is moving up with some gimmicks to catch the interest of your clients.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be backed up with all the understanding of cash management. Every penny earned and spent is important. Some other businesses went bankrupt due to inefficient financial management. As a smart and practical owner, take the time to have accurate financial records and accounting. You could also opt to work with an accountancy firm to make the job simpler for you.

Get to know your customers and the industry. Continue being up-to-date with each single changes happening on a local as well as international level to examine if it will have an impact on your business or not. Know about your competitors and do not ever take them too lightly. It is important to know very well what they are up to.

Discover ways to motivate your workers. Your employees play a vital role in the success of your business. Unfriendly crew keeps the customers away from your business. Design a great commission plans based on their performance as a way for them to be committed to reach the company’s goals as well as quotas. Learn how you can commend their great work.

Today, customer support is among the things that can certainly make a company shine among others. Check if it is possible to include customer support in your small business. Many clients give their trust as well as confidence on a customer support system. This would maximize your chance of business success. You can also prefer to have a 24/7 customer support group to bring you a great edge over other businesses. Finding somebody to chat with about the purchased product or availed service will give the customer a feeling of being valued. However, always ensure that each and every call is going to be answered immediately.

Most importantly, learn how to be well organized. Show professionalism and work etiquette to your customers as well as to your subordinates. Learn how to make even the tiniest things in place.

Finally,, you are loaded with simple things that you need to understand in improving your small business. With the help of the tips mentioned, prepare yourself for a business expansion some time soon.