The Importance of a Good Laptop Stand

Home computer desks have come a long way in the past few years. People used to hurt themselves because desks were made improperly, and those using the computer for long periods of timeĀ  like IT support engineers, for example, often had bad posture and ended up with muscle injuries and spasms because of it. Now that these have gotten better, most workers who use a desktop computer are actually okay. That was until the laptop got more popular, and now the same things are happening all over again. If you have this type of portable computer, you have to buy a proper laptop stand if you want to avoid injury.

I hurt my own neck due to lack of laptop stand. This was not something that happened all at once, but built up over a few months. I woke up one morning and could not move without screaming in agony. We realized what it was while I got treatment for it, and now my new setup works great. If you are using a notebook computer without the benefit of a proper laptop stand, you may wake up like I did, and you may not know why it happened.

When you buy a laptop stand, you want something that is sturdy, of course, so that you can protect your investment, but you also need something that moves for you. You have to have one that can be adjusted so that your hands and elbows are not at an awkward position while typing, and one that allows you to hold your head in a natural position while typing or surfing the Internet. You should also be able to sit straight and have your knees resting at a comfortable angle. All of those things will help take the stress off of your body.

When you are setting up your new laptop stand, there are a few things you can do to be sure you have it set properly. Get into the chair you may be using, and slide your laptop stand up where you want it to be. Make sure you are sitting up straight with your head, arms, and hands at a good angle, and the move your monitor so it is easy to view. One thing about a laptop monitor is that it only looks right at certain angles. If you have it so you can see it while you are sitting in the proper position, you are going to keep that position while you use your computer. When you begin to slouch you are going to know it because you will reach out to adjust your computer. Instead, adjust your body.

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