What Is A VOIP Gateway

Although the end result of this technology is captivating and intriguing the fact is that VOIP technology works on a very basic principle. It is hard to believe that a technology that facilitates voice communication between two distant ends of the Earth easily is actually pretty easy to comprehend.

However it is the fact.

VoIP stands for Voice over the Internet Protocol. A phone call made from one end of the world to the other, using the internet as a route instead of the dedicated phone lines is what VoIP technology does. And the flavor of internet connection used for such a purpose can be nothing else but a high speed broadband connection. The internet works in a very organized manner, with a job deployed to each member of a team, like a router, a modem a cable a gateway etc!

Off course a gateway of the virtual world sounds intriguing! While VoIP digitizes analogue data into small packets to be transferred to the World Wide Web and vice versa, the flow of packets /data needs to be disciplined and streamed in a manner that it reaches the required destination for which routers, gateways, IP addresses are installed.

Depending on the requirement of a particular system a VoIP gateway can be installed as either a digital or analogue device within a router or a separate dedicated device. It is used to process the inflow and outflow of data from a virtual gateway. A VoIP gateway connects to the data network via Ethernet or WAN and converts the outgoing voice data received into IP packets suitable for transmission and incoming data into a stream of comprehendible data that can be used by the PBX system

VoIP gateways are special because they discipline the flow of audio data and convert them from digital to analogue and vice versa. Thereby rendering the proper channeling all data possible, this in turn makes use of VoIP really worthwhile!

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